Langdon Business Services and Consultancy is based in Ballarat, Western Victoria but also operates from offices in Melbourne. See Contact page for further details.

The principal is Dr Jeff Langdon who has extensive experience in managing small to medium enterprises in the health and education sectors.

Langdon Business Services and Consultancy can also call on associates with expertise in strategy development, graphic design and web services.


Our work is driven by the following values:

Competitive pricing:

With extensive experience working in the community sector, Langdon principals understand the need for external work to be competitively priced.  We are a lean operation and therefore don’t have the overheads that force larger consultancy firms to charge similarly large rates.

Innovation and flexibility:

Langdon is a solution-oriented organisation. We find the most effective and efficient solutions to client needs. This can mean offering alternative deliverables or different outcomes for a client. We are also flexible, lean and able to modify scope and deliverables as required and mutually agreed.

Client centred:

We seek to provide the solutions needed by our clients. We also seek to maintain an ongoing relationship of trust and professionalism with clients.

Timely delivery:

Our background in small to medium organisations makes us very aware of the need to deliver on time. Whilst being flexible we also pride ourselves on delivering quality work on time and within budget.

Quality work:

Langdon stands behind the quality of its work. Langdon principal Dr Jeff Langdon has been a successful manager in the community and government sectors. In this role he has led organisations that became industry exemplars largely through the quality of their work.